Nutrition tips will commence along with the 542 training!


542 is a free of charge running program created by the Beirut Marathon Association. Since its foundation in 2014, and on a yearly basis, 542 opens its doors to the community for exactly 5 months before Marathon Day.  

The mission of 542 is to offer hopeful runners the training necessary to finish a marathon.  

In the world of distance running, commitment is key. Marathon day is the result of intensive weeks of training, sore muscles, bumpy feet, and exhaustion. Training is a journey of self-discovery: at times it becomes unpleasant as you log more kilometers during the run and your body refuses to go the extra mile, yet your mind is determined to make it happen. 

However, working with a team and the community has been proven to make this journey go smoother: training with a team is known to decrease anxiety levels and boost confidence at times of doubt. This is the power of 542: it gathers people from different backgrounds and breaks through barriers. It brings experienced runners and aspiring runners together as solid groups, or rather as new running communities, who are forging friendships that motivate and empower individuals.

Runners Criteria

  • Runners must be 17 years old or older

  • Runners of all nationalities are welcome to join the “542”

  • Runners must train 3 times per week. However, they can train more with the guidance of their coaches

  • Runners must commit to the 542 timeline which consists of attending weekly trainings, Sunday long runs, races and meetings (Kindly check the 542, 2017 timeline Section)

  • ​Keep in mind that training & running a marathon is considered an intense sport and the Beirut Marathon Association is not liable for any k​​ind of injury that could result during 542. Runners will train and run the BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2017 under their own responsibility.

  • The Sundays long runs will be organized by the 542 crew

  • Runners must wear the 542 t-shirts during the Sunday long runs and during all races including the BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2017 even if they register through an NGO, university, school, bank or any other corporate organization.

  • Runners must wear their 542 headbands during the Sunday long runs to be recognized, and therefore to ensure getting water by the course volunteers

  • Runners must agree to the following: The 542 Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the program, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to Sponsors anywhere in the world

  • Runners must complete a heart screening, which will be provided by the BMA

  • Runners must agree to join WhatsApp groups set up by their coaches for communication and training instructions

  • Runners must agree to join the Facebook group set up by the BMA organizers for better communication and training instructions

  • Runners will understand if the 542 program must be canceled under extenuating circumstances.

  • The 542 training program is free of charge however; applicants are required to pay for their registration fees to the BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2017

  • The 542 coaches are not professional trainers but are experienced runners who are volunteering their time and efforts for this program

  • Runners are not allowed to change teams once the training journey starts

  • In case of any internal/external complain or incident, runners are expected to report to the BMA and/or 542 organizers, as they will do their best in dealing with the situation resourcefully

  • It is encouraged to have runners post about their training journey on their social media platforms using the #542 and #RKD to promote the spirit of running in Lebanon


    Click HERE to register.

    For further information about the program, contact our offices at +961 5 959 262

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    542 Code

  • 542 runners inspire others

  • 542 runners push their minds and bodies to the limit

  • 542 runners adapt

  • 542 runners embrace the pain

  • 542 runners never leave behind fellow teammates

  • 542 runners prove themselves through training

  • 542 runners give generously

  • 542 runners are future marathoners

  • 542

    542 Timeline

    Information will be added once they become available.