TIP 1: HYDRATION During Your Trainings

TIP 2: Eating Before Training

TIP 3: Post-Run Recovery

TIP 4: The major fuel for running: Carbs!

510 is a 5 week women-dedicated training program aimed at preparing potential runners to complete the 10 KM Challenge Race in the SARADAR BANK Women’s Race.

Depending on your preferable time of training, you can join any of the available teams to get prepared to finish the full 10 KM Race.

Training with a team is known to decrease anxiety levels and boost confidence at times of doubt. That is really the power of our programs: It gathers people from different backgrounds and breaks through barriers. It brings experienced runners and aspiring runners together as solid groups, or rather as new running communities, who are forging friendships that motivate and empower individuals.

It’s all about finishing what you started and earning that MEDAL!

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  • Runners must be 14 years old or older.

  • Runners of all nationalities are welcome to join 510.

  • The 510 program is free of charge; however, applicants are required to pay for their registration fees to the SARADAR BANK WOMEN’S RACE.

  • The 510 Coaches are not professional trainers but are experiencedrunners who are volunteering their time and effort for this program.

  • Runners are not allowed to change teams once the training journey starts.

  • Runners must train 3 times per week; however, they can train more with the guidance of their coaches.

  • Runners must agree to the following: The 510 Organizers reserve the right to use any photographs (including those of participants), motion pictures, recordings, or any other media records of the Event, for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising and distribution to Sponsors anywhere in the world.

  • Runners must agree to join WhatsApp groups set up by their coaches for communication and training instructions.

  • In case of any internal/external complain or incident, runners are expected to report to the BMA and/or 510 organizers, as they will do their best in dealing with the situation resourcefully.

  • Runners will understand if 510 Training program must be canceled under extenuating circumstances.

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    Beirut Marathon

    Jihad El Bourji

    Date Of Birth 10 Feb 1973
    Hobbies Swimming, Music & Running
    Blood Type B+
    Races Completed BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017
    Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015, 2018
    Ismik Trail 136 KM
    OPAP Limassol Marathon 2016
    RunCzech Prague Marathon 2016
    Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2017
    IRAK 21 KM 2017
    Turkish 21 KM 2018
    Personal Best 3:14
    Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 2015, 2018
    Runner 5 Years
    Beirut Marathon

    Sandra Gargour

    Date Of Birth 08 August 1977
    Hobbies Sports
    Blood Type A+
    Races Completed LAF Jounieh 21 KM 2015
    BLOM BANK Beirut Half Marathon 21 KM 2016
    Women’s Race Jbeil 10 KM 2015
    BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon, 3 editions
    Personal Best 3:44
    Runner Since the age of 14
    Beirut Marathon

    Walid El Kabbani

    Date Of Birth 15 December 1976
    Hobbies Running
    Blood Type O+
    Races Completed BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon, 2003 – 2017
    Saida Marathon 2017
    Jbeil – Beirut Marathon Distance, 2 editions
    Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris 2015
    Copenhagen Marathon 2015
    RunCzech Prague Marathon 2016
    Rotterdam Marathon 2017
    Triathlon, 7 editions
    Half Marathon, 50 editions
    Personal Best 3:19
    BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2011
    Runner 27 Years
    Beirut Marathon

    Jihad Shoueib

    Date Of Birth 17 February 1973
    Hobbies Running, Hiking, Hunting, Rafting, Drawing, Basketball, Music, Rappel & Climbing
    Blood Type A+
    Personal Best 4:09 - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon
    40min12sec – 10 KM Race
    Runner Since 1985
    Beirut Marathon

    Ghassan Hajjar

    Date Of Birth 25 May 1968
    Hobbies Running & Swimming
    Blood Type A+
    Races Completed BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon, 5 editions
    Schneider Electric Marathon de Paris, 2 editions
    BMW Berlin Marathon, 1 edition
    Personal Best 3:49
    Runner 5 Years
    Beirut Marathon

    Chukri Nakhoul

    Date Of Birth 10 February 1959
    Hobbies Running, Football, Tennis & Ski
    Blood Type O+
    Races Completed Ghazieh Race 2017
    Ghine Al Jabal 2016
    Zahle Race 2007
    BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon, 15 editions
    Raid Des Cedres Race
    Jabal El Cheikh 2011
    Barracks to Barracks Terry Fox Run
    Lebanese Army Race
    Cedar Green Aquatlon 2014
    Shore to Summit Triathlon 2012
    Personal Best TBA
    Runner Since 2003
    Contact the BMA offices for Registration Info or in case you have any questions.

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