Race Day Information

The Races

2 KM Race

Youth Race
Distance: 2 KM
Description: The 2 KM race is a competition for participants between 7 and 13 years. Registrants must complete the race within a maximum time of 16 minutes.
Categories: 7-10 years/11-13 years/overall
Start: 8:30am
Fees: 5,000Lbp

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5 KM Race

Youth Race
Distance: 5 KM
Description: The 5 KM race is a competition for participants between 14 and 17 years. Registrants must complete the race within a maximum time of 40 minutes.
Categories: 14-15 years/16-17 years/overall
Start: 9:30am
Fees: 5,000Lbp

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5 KM Fun Run

Youth Race
Distance: 5 KM
Description: A favorite to many, the "Fun Run 5 KM" offers a variety of schools, Ngo’s and families the chance to run for their causes or simply for fun. It is by far the most exciting race you can experience. Registrants must complete the race in 90 minutes.
Categories: Open Age
Start: 10:00am
Fees: 5,000Lbp

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BankMed Youth Race 2017 - Important Dates


1st of February 2017
21st of March 2017
26th of March 2017
30th, 31st of March and 1st of April 2017
2nd of April 2017


Opening Registration (Online, Groups, registration points)
Registration Deadline
Completion of Registration Fees Settlement
Bib Pick Up
Race Day
At 11 am, Start of the award Ceremony (Overall 2 KM and 5 KM male and female).
At night , awards of all the other categories


BankMed Youth Race 2017 participants will be scheduled as follows:

Warm-up Exercises (2 KM Race) 8:00 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
2 KM Race Line Up 8:20 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Start 2 KM Race 8:30 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Warm-up Exercises (2 KM Special Needs) 8:30 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
2 KM Special Needs Line Up 8:50 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Start 2 KM Special Needs 9:00 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Warm-up Exercises (5 KM Race) 9:00 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
5 KM Race Line Up 9:20 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Start 5 KM Race 9:30 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Warm-up Excercices (Fun Run 5 KM) 9:30 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Fun Run 5 KM Line Up 9:40 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Start Fun Run 5 KM 10:00 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
2 KM Race 8:36 AM - 8:38 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
2 KM Special Needs 9:11 AM - 9:13 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
5 KM Race 9:48 AM - 9:50 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Fun Run 5 KM 10:23 AM - 10:25 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Award ceremony for the first three boys and girls in the 2 KM Race and 5 KM Race 11:00 AM Waterfront City Dbayeh
Award After Race TBD Waterfront City Dbayeh

All the courses will be passing through dynamic areas this year. Each course will have its part of the appointed stations.

Stations on the Course

We will have a different course for each race: 2000 m and 5000 m
To have an idea about the stations that will be distributed along the races:

Water Gathering Area | 2.5 KM | Finish Line

Fruits Finish Line

Cheering Every 0.5 KM

Red Cross Along the course

Judges Along the course

Timing System Start/ 2 KM U-Turn / 5 KM U-Turn/ Finish Line

Course volunteers From Start to Finish

Cyclist supporting special needs athletes From Start to Finish

Toilets Gathering Area & Finish Line

Medical Care

The Youth Race medical team works in cooperation with the Lebanese Red Cross as first aid organization, to monitor the course and provide medical care as soon as necessary. The medical staff on duty has the right and responsibility to eliminate any participant from the race who are demonstrating signs of injury or excessive strain.

Road Closure

  • Sea Side Road from Emil Lahoud Center to Interior security forces Base. Saturday 01/04/2017 at 06:00am till Sunday 02/04/2017 at 16:00 (04:00pm).
  • Race Course Roads Closure: Sunday 01/04/2017 closing 7:00 am till the runners clear the road with coordination with the Internal Security Forces.
  • Available parking ON RACE DAY:

  • Waterfront City-Dbayeh.

  • Sea Side Road- Dbayeh.

  • Start and Finish

  • All Races start from Sea Side Road Dbayeh- Water front city Area.

  • All Races Finish at Sea Side Road Dbayeh- Water front city Area opposite to the start line.

  • Race Time:

  • 2 KM Race: 08:30am.

  • 2 KM Special Needs Race: 09:00am.

  • 5 KM Race: 09:30am.

  • 5 KM Fun Run: 10:00am.

  • Baggage

    Baggage trucks will be in each assembly area at the Start.
    These trucks will then change their locations to the Post Finish Line Area where you can collect your package.
    Open hour: 7:00am till 12:00pm

    How to get to the parking:

    Participants coming from south:

    Khaldeh Road – New Airport Highway
    Salim Salam Bridge
    Go right towards Fouad Chehab Bridge
    Beirut-Tripoli Highway to Reach Dbayeh area,
    Take the Right Side to Reach Demerjian Bridge,
    Then Take your left towards Waterfront City- Dbayeh.

    Participants coming from North:

    Tripoli- Beirut Highway to reach Dbayeh, Go right at Demerjian Bridge, then turn right towards Waterfront City - Dbayeh.

    Participants coming from Bekaa and Mountain:

    President Michel Sulaiman highway - Sayyad intersection, Emil Lahoud highway to reach Qarantina,
    Go onto the Beirut-Tripoli Highway to Reach Dbayeh area,
    Go Right Side to Reach Demerjian Bridge,
    Then Go Left towards Waterfront City - Dbayeh.

    BIB Pick Up

    Picking up your Race Numbers

    Bib pickup for the BankMed Youth Race will be at City Mall, Dora, L1.
    From: March 30-31 and April 1 from 1​1:00​ am till 0​7​:00 pm.
    All runners must pick up their race numbers at the Bib pickup, no race numbers will be available on race day.

  • It is imperative that you bring along your printed registration receipt with the order number sent to your inbox following your registration.

  • You will receive the event’s t-shirt, rules and regulations, along with your BIB Number and all other info you might need for the race.

  • For any conflicting or personal information query, please consult our help desk located within the bib pickup area.

  • It is important that you fill out the medical information form on the back of your race number / BIB Number. This will help ensure that you will receive the proper assistance on race day, should the need arise.

  • You cannot receive your bib number by mail or on race day, so the bib pick up is the only place to pick up your packet.

  • Thank you for registering at the BankMed Youth Race, we hope you will have a great experience.

  • Marathon 42.195 KM
    BMA has raised the standards of its road race running experience. Therefore the timing technology has been upgraded to a new level.
    The BIB Tag is BMA's new timing system, which offers the highest simplicity and efficiency of any automatic timing solution.
    The timing device is now built-in on the back of the BIB Number. Like the timing chip, runners need to follow exact instructions in order to make sure they have proper timing:

  • Pick up your envelope from the Bib PickUp stand.

  • Do not remove the tag from the Bib

  • Do not twist, fold or wrinkle your Bib

  • Do not switch your Bib with any other participants

  • Pin the Bib using the four secure pins found in the envelope

  • The Bib should be clearly visible on the front of the chest

  • The Bib should be shown clearly from the Start to Finish line to make sure you have a proper timing and nice pictures!

  • No Bib-tag = No Time

  • Incorrect & Missing Results:

    In case you did have incorrect or missing results. We kindly ask you to send an email to registration@beirutmarathon.org or call on 05-959 262


    You can get your initial certificate VIA Download (within the results list).


    All the below categories have the same award:

    2 KM Race Overall Boys,
    2 KM Race Overall Girls,
    2 KM Race Boys (7-9),
    2 KM Race Girls (7-9)
    2 KM Race Boys (10-11),
    2 KM Race Girls (10-11),
    2 KM Race Boys (12-13),
    2 KM Race Girls (12-13)
    2 KM Standard Wheel chair Boys,
    2 KM Standard Wheel chair Girls
    2 KM Blind Boys,
    2 KM Blind Girls
    2 KM Mentally Challenged Boys,
    2 KM Mentally Challenged Girls,
    5 KM Race Boys (14-15),
    5 KM Race Girls (14-15).
    5 KM Race Boys (16-17),
    5 KM Race Girls (16-17),
    5 KM Overall Boys,
    5 KM Overall Girls.
    2 KM overall girls Lebanese,
    2 KM overall boys Lebanese,
    5 KM overall boys Lebanese,
    5 KM overall Girls Lebanese.

    1st PlaceVoucher
    2nd PlaceVoucher
    3rd PlaceVoucher
    4th PlaceVoucher
    5th PlaceVoucher
    6th PlaceVoucher

    Note: Presentation of a Photo-ID ( ID card, Passport) is mandatory.

    Individual Registration

    Online Team Registration

    The online registration system facilitates the registration process for all individuals, groups and corporate entities. Online payment is available through debit or credit cards. Offline payment is available through bank transfers and at the Beirut Marathon Association main office.

    Every user will get their user name and password, which enables them to access the data whenever needed. This account may be accessed several times, at any time and by several users if the credentials are shared. You may also add, delete or edit participants. If you happen to use the offline excel sheet, you may upload it onto your online access. This will give you a better view of the number of participants, and thus a better management of your teams’ registration. Applying this online platform will leave off the need to bring the registration sheets to the BMA office.

    Steps for Online Team Registration

  • Request your credentials by sending an email to registration@beirutmarathon.org
  • This team’s coordinator fills in an Excel Sheet provided by the registration department and uploads it to their online account or directly fills in information for each runner at www.bmaregistration.org under their account. Deadline for Normal Registration is on ​March 21, 201​7​.
  • Team’s coordinator should pay the registration fees no later than ​March 29, 2017.
  • Team’s coordinator should collect the bib numbers of all participants at the bib pick up ​at Citymall ​on ​March 30, 31 and April 1 from 1​1​:00 AM till ​7​:00 PM.
  • Method of Payment

    After completing your online registration entries, you will need to print the invoice(s) from the registration system and proceed with your payment by:

  • Cash: at the BMA office
  • cheque: in the name of BEIRUT MARATHON ASSOCIATION
  • Bank Transfer:
    Account Name: Beirut Marathon Association
    Bank Name: Byblos Bank Lebanon - All Branches
    Account Numbers (USD): 4454363575005
                     (LBP): 4454363575004
    IBAN Numbers (USD): LB89003900000004454363575005
                     (LBP): LB19003900000004454363575004
    Swift Code : BYBALBBX
  • It's vital to notify us by sending an email to accounting@beirutmarathon.org / diala.abousaeed@beirutmarathon.org with the details of the payment (number of registrants per race). Any transfer that is not notified will be considered as a donation to the Beirut Marathon Association.

    Registration Payments should be made by ​ March 29, 2017​

    Registration Notes

    • If the required data requested by the BMA is not completed, the organization reserves the right to limit and refuse any entries with no refund.
    • The BMA will consider any registration entries submitted after the deadline as late registration.
    • Registration will be refused if age restriction is not abided by.
    • Completion of the entry form and payment of the entry fee represents acceptance of the terms and conditions which state that participants should be healthy to take part at the BankMed Youth Race and to run at their own risk. The organizers shall not be liable for any loss and/or damage whether personal or otherwise and howsoever arising.
    • All participants accept responsibility for travel and medical insurance and for payment and/or reimbursement of any medical/surgical expenses incurred.
    • Registration will not be accepted by Fax, Email or Phone.
    • Participant race numbers / BIB numbers are specific personal identifiers and may not be exchanged with or transferred / sold to any other person.
    • Sale and / or transfer of race entry / BIBs are strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and / or banning of any individual involved from future events.
    • Registration closure is determined and announced when event participation reaches the maximum capacity of participants.
    • There will be no refund or transfer of participation fees for those participants who do not take part or if the event is cancelled for whatever reason.

    BANKMED Youth Race Course Map

    Youth Race

    Charity Partners

    This year, The Bankmed Youth Race is dedicating all its registration fees to charity. By Choosing one of the following NGOS to run for, you will be donating 5,000Lbp to the cause you believe in.



    AJEM ( Association Justice Et Misericorde ) works for the defense of Human Rights and especially detainees rights in Lebanon. The association provides a psychological, social, medical and legal Services and Supports for the prisoners and their families during and after their detention to help them through this difficult time.


    • Promote human rights and their application 
    • Assist and rehabilitate prisoners during and after detention
    • Support families to preserve family cohesion 
    • Assist victims for restorative justice
    • Collaborate with parliamentarians, magistrates, security forces and NGOs

     Amal Bassil Farhat
    03 101 618


    Balsamat Charity Association takes care of teaching children and teenagers a variety of different professions and offers them the work necessary to guide them towards a better and healthier lifestyle, away from debauchery. Our activities include conferences, trips, awareness campaigns and various fundraising events. Balsamat helps youth to become self-reliant in order to lead a life of dignity and pride.

    Ferdos Barbir
    71 114 757


    In 1995, a group of volunteers rallied to a single united mission: not to let suffering children die just because their families could not afford the cost of their medical care. The CAP-HO Committee’s founding members vowed to provide children in need regardless of their religion of origin, with the proper medical follow-up and care they deserve. CAP-HO is carrying its mission with the help of pediatricians and surgeons at the St. George Hospital University Medical Center, in addition to the generous contributions of kind-hearted volunteers.

     Diane Chaoui
    03 502 888


    Let the world know that. You believe... in their ABILITIES! Run for Children with Special Needs! Among its various programs that target the different needs of Lebanese society, Caritas offers multiple services to children with special needs in its specialized centers in Zahle and Fghal, and is opening a new center for children with learning difficulties very soon in the village of Knaytri - Beit Chabab.

    Peter Mahfouz
    70 966 920


    Himaya's organizational mission is to promote global protection for children by focusing on all kinds of child abuse including sexual, psychological and physical abuse, as well as negligence and many others. Himaya strives to ensure a long lasting impact on the lives of children in Lebanon through its complementary programs of training, and resilience covering all areas of Lebanon. Himaya also developed a shelter that can host up to 40 children and provides them with all the treatment required including psychosocial support, scholarly counseling and guidance, medical services, and recreational activities.

    Maria Shaya
    03 069 207


    Ibtissama is a message of peace and tranquility for hospitalized children in Lebanon. A stay in hospital can be a daunting time for children with chronic illnesses, who are suffering away from home and the people they love. Clown Doctors can be very instrumental in uplifting a child's mental state, which leads to a better acceptance of the treatment. The interaction with the specialized Clown Doctors whether silently or interactively can result in breaking a child's long silence to bringing fun and laughter back to the child. Without accounting for the positive impact it can have at times on the parents and the hospital staff.

    Hassan Wardani
    76 002 386


    Karma - There is always hope

    Karma is a Lebanese NGO dedicated to supporting Lebanese and refugee children in Lebanon who suffer from severe diseases and whose families cannot afford their costly medical treatment. Karma seeks to cover each individual case in its medical treatment by financing the treatment itself and by cooperating with other funding organization. Healing is a matter of Karma.

    Suzanne Choueiri
    03 242 747


    Founded in 2006, Kunhadi is a Road Safety NGO in Lebanon. Seeing that car crashes are the leading cause of death among the Lebanese youth, and keeping in mind the studies that proved driver behavior to be accountable for more than 80% of car crashes, Kunhadi aims to introduce a new culture of safe driving among the Lebanese community, notably the Lebanese youth, through raising awareness about the six leading behaviors/causes of fatal crashes in Lebanon.

    Zeina Sakr
    71 264 415

    Lebanese Autism Society

    The Lebanese Autism Society (LAS) is a non-governmental organization. It was founded in 1999 by parents of children with Autism and professionals. LAS advocates for the rights of individuals with Autism and provides them and their families support and services from early childhood to adulthood.

    Arwa Halawi
    03 232 427

    Look Forward

    Look Forward is a Lebanese community for the youth who have faced or are currently facing cancer or an amputation.
    Look Forward provides the following services to young adults facing cancer or a recent amputation and their families:
    - Pairing with other young adults or their families who have been through the same (cancer or an amputation)
    - Providing access to doctors who can answer medical questions and concerns (even through whatsapp)
    - Helping families with daily tasks in emergency situations (homework, picking kids from school, preparing a meal, etc.)
    - Organizing support groups mediated by professional therapists- Organizing social and educational activities to create a sense of community
    - Providing free therapy sessions to the members and their families

    Rula Khatib
    03 248 978

    Melanie Freiha Foundation

    This NGO is targeting prevention, safety and rescue for athletes, young and younger people while practicing their favorite sports.
    Its field of action is mainly:
    *Highlighting the risks of the chosen sport or activity.
    *Reenforcement of security measures.
    *Rehabilitation of rescue teams.
    *Creating a trauma center.
    *Its ultimate target is the acquisition of a medically equipped helicopter.
    The Safer , The Better !!!

    Sandy Abu Farhat
    03 244 407


    Myschoolpulse is a Lebanese non-profit organization that brings school to hospitals in Lebanon. Myschoolpulse teaches all children aged 3 to 17 who are undergoing treatment for a life-threatening or chronic illness, thus giving them the opportunity to continue their education. It has tutors permanently assigned at the St George University Medical Center, Hotel Dieu de France, Hopital Libanais Geitawi, Rafik Hariri Hospital and the Notre-Dame du Secours Hospital.

    Sabine Fakhoury
    03 929 399


    SKILD is a non-profit organization and center specialized in helping children with special needs and learning differences reach their full potential. The SKILD center, located in Mansourieh, offers professional assessment and evaluation as well as a range of effective intervention services including speech therapy, special education, psychomotor therapy, and counseling. All of our assessment and intervention services are provided by our team of experts who genuinely care about the success of students with learning differences. In addition, SKILD is committed to building community awareness about the rights and needs of children with learning differences. Hence, SKILD played a key role is launching the National Day for Students with Learning Difficulties in 2013, in collaboration with the Center for Educational Research and Development, the Ministry of Education, and the British Council.

    Yasmine Al Hilli
    70 119 749

    Paradis d'Enfants

    Paradis d'Enfants' mission is to provide underprivileged children with the same quality of education offered in private schools and to develop generations that believe in equality, solidarity and mutual respect. We aim to strengthen and enlighten our students' personalities and academic knowledge to prepare them for any journey they wish to pursue. Our vision is to ensure that our children acquire academic preparation for higher education, obtain a civic and patriotic foundation, develop strong personalities for all future challenges, and learn to confidently express themselves and develop leadership skills.

    Maha El Khazen
    03 821 929

    SOS Children's Villages Lebanon

    A loving home for every child. We provide long-term, family-based care for children who have lost parental care, and we work with struggling families and communities to help strengthen them and prevent child abandonment. We are non-governmental and non-denominational; we respect all religions and cultures, and we work with trusted partners all over the country, and contribute to social development. All the work we do is made possible through the generous support of sponsors and donors, institutional and corporate partners, and loyal friends.

    Rosita Makhoul
    03 773 788

    Spring of Life

    Spring of Life's mission is to empower the underprivileged children of our community to live in fullness every day by providing a secure and loving day care shelter, providing alternative education, developing children's moral, spiritual and social skills, empowering them physically and emotionally, in addition to providing food, clothing and medical assistance.

    Louis Daou
    70 955189


    Founded in 2006, Toufoula aims to improve the lives of children suffering from diseases that require a lengthy hospital stay for treatment. The "Dream Rooms Project" was launched in order to raise funds for the refurbishment of hospital rooms occupied by children during their treatment, thereby creating a colorful, lively atmosphere, and bringing happiness into the ordinarily bleak rooms. Scientific publications support the idea that certain colors contribute to pain relief, and that a person's psychological & emotional state can predict their ability to respond to treatment.

    Isam Sibaii
    03 792 922