5 Weeks, 10 KM!

510 is a free, 5 week, women-dedicated training program aimed at preparing first time runners to complete the 10 KM Race at the upcoming Women’s Race.

Depending on your level, area and preferred time of training, you can join any of the available teams to get prepared to finish the 10 KM Women’s Race scheduled on March 19, 2023. It’s about finishing what you started and earning that MEDAL!

The 510 Training Program will give the option for participants to choose between running in a group and be part of a community that is more than running.

Participants will get the opportunity to receive ongoing training assistance from their dedicated coach throughout the 5 weeks training plan.

510 is open to all levels including walkers/beginners, amateurs and advanced runners. In addition, this training program will offer running education, health and motivation benefits throughout the exciting journey.

How to Register in the FREE 510 Training Program;

1- Go to ihjoz.com
2- Click on the banner ‘510 training program’
3- Log into your account or create a new one.
4- Choose number of tickets (1)
5- Complete your information
6- Choose from any of the teams in Lebanon according to your area and preferred time
7- Click on register and confirm your registration
8- You will receive an email with your confirmation & schedule

Program Goal:

1-Prepare participants to run the 10 KM Women’s Race 2023 scheduled on Sunday March 19
2-Promote healthy lifestyles
3-Endorse Physical and Mental Wellbeing
4-Empower women through running
5-Expand the running culture across different Lebanese regions