Elite and Sub-Elite 10 KM Race Criteria

Elite and sub-elite 10 KM Race criteria are typically used to designate specific qualification standards and benefits for professional and highly competitive runners. While specific criteria may vary among different marathon events, here are the Women’s Race 2024 elite and sub-elite 10 KM Race classification rules and regulations:

  • Time Qualification: Elite & Sub Elite runners are required to meet strict time standards set by the marathon organizers. These time standards are often significantly faster than the general qualifying times and vary depending on the event.
  • Proof of Performance: Elite & Sub Elite runners must provide recent race results (between 2022 and 2024) to demonstrate their competitive ability and consistency at the specified elite level. These results are reviewed by race organizers to ensure eligibility.
  • Invitations and Entries: Elite & Sub Elite runners are provided with guaranteed entry, Elite Area Access & Parking Slots.
  • Separate Start and Support: Elite & Sub Elite runners will start at the front of the race to ensure a clear path and optimal conditions. They also have dedicated support areas, and access to on-course amenities.
  • Exchange, Cancellation or Refund: Upon completing your registration, Exchange in race distance(s) is not allowed, no exchange, switching of BIBs, race cancellation or refund is allowed.

It's important to note that the specific criteria and benefits for elite and sub-elite runners can vary from race to race. 10KM Race events often have their own qualification standards and guidelines that are outlined on their official websites or registration materials.

To be eligible for an ELITE or Sub-ELITE BIB and Position, you must meet the below Finish Time Criteria:

  • Elite Male Criteria: 30:00 - 33:59 min
  • Sub Elite Male Criteria: 34:00 - 36:59 min
  • Elite Female Criteria: 32:00 - 35:59 min
  • Sub Elite Female Criteria: 36:00 - 39:59 min

The registration must be done individually by each runner on the official Beirut Marathon registration platform.

  • Offline registration is not accepted
  • Payment can be made online by a credit / debit card, or offline at any OMT Branch
  • Every Elite or/and Sub Elite Runner is obliged to upload their ID & last race time certificate onto the registration platform to verify their age and elite eligibility.
  • You are also required to submit a high res photo (JPEG format) to be used for social media purposes by email to francoise.nehme@beirutmarathon.org before 01 May 2024.

For any clarifications, questions or assistance, please contact the undersigned to be assisted.

Mr. Ehrabi Nael (Race Director): ehrabi.nael@beirutmarathon.org

Ms. Francoise Nehme (Operations Director): francoise.nehme@beirutmarathon.org