Virtual Race


In a world that sometimes feels divided, running has the incredible power to unite us.

The Women's Race is not just about the physical act of running; it's about breaking free from societal molds and challenging the status quo. This race symbolizes the resilience, strength, and determination of women who dare to defy expectations. Participants are not merely runners; they are trailblazers, inspiring others to break free from limitations and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes health and wellness.

Register and run your 10 KM Race & in return, we will send you a medal, goody bag, t-shirt, and BIB Number to your doorstep 2 weeks ahead of race day.

Package will be sent by DHL worldwide & free of charge from our side, some charges may apply in some countries for customs and clearance.

Register now, lace up your running shoes and run between 1 to 30 March 2024 anywhere in the world.