Get ready to lace up your running shoes and mark your calendars because on the 12th of May 2024, Beirut will witness a spectacular event that goes beyond the finish line. The Women's Race is more than just a race, this event is a celebration of empowerment, breaking boundaries, and shattering stereotypes as women from all walks of life come together to lead a healthier lifestyle through sports.

The Women's Race is not just about the physical act of running; it's about breaking free from societal molds and challenging the status quo. This race symbolizes the resilience, strength, and determination of women who dare to defy expectations. Participants are not merely runners; they are trailblazers, inspiring others to break free from limitations and embrace a lifestyle that prioritizes health and wellness.

In a world that often imposes unrealistic standards, the Women's Race promotes a message of self-love and fitness for all. The event encourages women to embrace an active lifestyle, fostering physical and mental well-being. As the participants cross the finish line, they carry with them a sense of accomplishment and the knowledge that they are contributing to a community dedicated to leading healthier lives.

It is a melting pot of diversity, bringing together women of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. It's a testament to the fact that empowerment knows no boundaries. Whether you're a seasoned runner, a first-time participant, or someone just starting their fitness journey, this event is an inclusive platform that celebrates the unique journey of every woman.

Beyond the individual achievements, the Women's Race fosters a sense of community and support. The camaraderie among participants creates a network of encouragement that extends far beyond the event day. Workshops, training sessions, and community events leading up to the race aim to build lasting connections, fostering a sense of sisterhood that empowers women to pursue their fitness goals together.

This race is a powerful statement against the stereotypes that have long confined women to certain roles. By showcasing strength, resilience, and determination, the Women's Race challenges preconceived notions and inspires a new narrative—one where women are celebrated for their achievements, both on and off the track.

So, on the 12th of May 2024, let the city echo with the cheers of supporters and the footfalls of empowered women. We are a movement, a stride toward a healthier, more inclusive, and empowered future for women everywhere. Stand tall and let every step be a declaration that the only limits that exist are the ones we place on ourselves.

Race Info

women's race 2024
NO. Race Description Timed Cut Off Time Gathering Time Line Up Time Start Time Price Laf Fee NGO Contribution Age Limit
1 10 KM Race (Female) Competitive Race Open to Women Only yes 90min 5.30 AM 6.15 AM 6.30 AM USD 26.00 Included 0 $ 12yrs + 2012 & below
2 10 KM Race (Male) Competitive Race Open to Men Only yes 90min 6.30 AM 7.15 AM 7.30 AM USD 26.00 Included 0 $ 12yrs + 2012 & below
3 4 KM Fund Run Open to All, FUND RUN no 1hour 8:00 AM 9:00 AM 9.30 AM USD 20.00 Included USD 7.00 (Included) open to all
4 1 Mile - Run With Mum Open to Children from the age of 0 to 6 years. Registration Fee includes 1 Guide / Parent with each Child Each Additional Guide is $10.00 USD no 30min 7.00 AM 8.00 AM 8.15 AM USD 18.00 Included 0 $ 0-6 years
  • Registration Fee include: Race Entry, Medal, Goody Bag, Shirt, BIB Number
  • Additional Registration Platform fees applies (USD 1)
  • OMT / Credit Card Fees apply upon choosing the method of payment