The Adopt a Team Initiative is a heartwarming concept designed to foster a strong sense of community, support, and camaraderie among children from underprivileged communities during the OMT Beirut Marathon 2024 event. This initiative aims to connect runners with donors, creating a bond that extends beyond the race itself.

The primary objective of the Adopt a Team Initiative is to create a platform where individuals, organizations, or groups can sponsor and/or support runners/children participating in the OMT Beirut Marathon 2024 '5 KM Fund Run'. By doing so, they not only contribute to the runner's journey but also become an integral part of their achievement. Adopted runners receive not only financial support but also emotional encouragement.

The Adopt a Team Initiative brings a unique dimension to the OMT Beirut Marathon, turning it into more than just a race. It transforms the event into a platform where individuals can come together to support and inspire each other. This initiative encapsulates the spirit of unity, determination, and community that the marathon embodies. We believe that this initiative will enhance the overall experience of the OMT Beirut Marathon and contribute to its success in fostering unity and resilience within the community.

Each runner will be provided with round trip transportation, race registration, dedicated T-shirt, goody bag, medal and above all a wonderful experience. Cost per runner (25 USD)

You can connect with Ms. Francoise Nehme on or 03 733 389 to get more information or to Adopt a Team / Runner.

We count on your support and involvement.