Nusaned is an apolitical and impartial and that believes in the power of collaboration to create faster and stronger Impact with a vision to empower marginalized communities throughout Lebanon to live sustainably, by supporting them with a non-biased, egalitarian, and value-based needs assessment process, with the ultimate goal of these communities becoming self-sustaining.

WLA is inspired by Lebanese women and their resilience and strives to involve them in various activities to consolidate their position in the national economy. WLA works on expanding and integrating women participation to enrich the social and economic affairs.

Kelna Ayleh Foundation has grown from an NGO that focuses on food security to a foundation that adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to support the communities and families. Although Lebanon is still facing an unprecedented economic crisis, social challenges, and a global pandemic, Kelna Ayleh was able to put a mitigation plan in place allowing the organization to pursue its mission and impact more communities.

LLWB, founded in 2006, is a socio-economic, apolitical, non-religious association bringing together professional women and providing them with a platform for sharing experiences, developing competencies and skills, establishing networks, exchanging expertise, accessing fund and mentorship.

The Clinic Sociale de L'Enfants offers pediatric consultations, particularly to families who cannot afford good care for their children. Its aim is to compensate for the lack of quality in medical care and offers them access to a high- level of hospital centers.

Women Alive Advocates for human rights in general, mainly women and girls rights and defending all related causes especially GBV through advocacy, specialized trainings, reasearch and awareness.

Alzheimer's Association Lebanon

Raises social and individual public awareness to support people with dementia and their caregivers 

AUB Diabetes

Prioritizes diabetes prevention, management, and cure in healthcare.

Brave Heart Fund

Provides financial and medical assistance to needy children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

Children's Cancer Center Lebanon

Provides access to free treatment and care to all children with cancer in Lebanon and the region, without any discrimination.

CHANCE Association

Supports children with cancer and blood disorders in Lebanon with the best medical and psychosocial support.

Devotion for Welfare

Provide access to advanced medical treatment, education for awareness on major health issues, proper psychological support while hospitalized in Sidon.


Conducts and promotes research in mental health, raises public awareness and advocates for mental health for all age groups.

Kids First

Supports children battling with cancer and blood disorders with medical care.

Lebanese Autism Society

Advocates for the rights of individuals with Autism and provides them with financial/ psychosocial and educational support.

Lebanese Down Syndrome Association

Promotes and implements the belief that individuals with Down Syndrome can actively engage in all facets of community life.

Lebanese Young Talents

Identifies and supports young talented athletes and provides them with resources to balance their professional sports career and their education.

National Wellness Network

Protects, preserves, promotes the wellbeing, and empowers community individuals to live healthier lifestyle.

Neonate Fund

Provides special care and attention to premature babies who require additional support.

Roads For Life

Spreads the most advanced Post Trauma Care techniques, and advocates for passing and/or implementing a modern traffic law.

Service de L'Enfants Au Foyer (SEF)

Shelters, supports and empowers children and their mothers by creating a supportive environment for growth and advocates for their rights.


Provides a service of assisting children with disability and accompany their families as partners in facing life’s challenges.

SOS Children's Village Lebanon

Supports the right of the children deprived of parental care, provides them with family-based care and prevents child abandonment.

Tamanna Lebanon

Grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses.

Gaia Fodoulian Association

 Creates a solid and wide-reaching network and support system to benefit animal rescuers through a structured framework, building on the compassion that Gaïa so willingly and independently offered.