Restrictions for Cyclists during the Women's Race Course

As we gear up for this thrilling event, we want to emphasize the importance of maintaining the integrity and fairness of the race. To ensure a level playing field for all participants, it is crucial that only those officially designated as part of the Women's Race Crew are present on the course.

Please be aware of the following regulations:

  1. Exclusion of Non-Crew Cyclists: Cyclists who are not part of the Women's Race Crew are strictly prohibited from being on the race course for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Automatic Disqualification: Any participant found with a non-crew cyclist on the race course will be automatically disqualified from the event.
  3. Warning Letter and Ban: In addition to disqualification, the participant and the unauthorized cyclist will receive a warning letter. Furthermore, the unauthorized cyclist & runner will be banned from participating in any events organized by us for a period of one year.
  4. No Encouragement of Accompanying Cyclists: Participants are urged not to encourage friends or family to accompany them on bikes or any other vehicle during the race. Such actions will result in automatic disqualification.

These regulations are in place to maintain the fairness and safety of the Women's Race. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in upholding the standards of the event. Please make sure to communicate these guidelines to your supporters, friends, and family members who may be planning to accompany you.

Participants and Supporters

  1. Exclusion of Non-Crew Supporters: Supporters who are not part of the Women's Race Crew are not permitted on the race course for any reason whatsoever.
  2. Automatic Disqualification for Runners: Should any participant be found with a non-crew supporter on the race course, an automatic disqualification will be enforced.
  3. Sidewalk Support Only: Friends, fellow runners, and supporters are welcome to cheer on and run alongside participants, but only on the sidewalks and NOT on the official course route.
  4. Encourage Supporters to Adhere: We ask participants to refrain from encouraging friends or family to accompany them on the race course, as this action will lead to automatic disqualification.

We understand and appreciate the enthusiasm and support of friends and family, but it is crucial that we maintain a professional and fair environment for all participants. By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure the integrity of the Women's Race and create an atmosphere that celebrates the achievements of all runners.