With reference to the Lebanese Olympic committee anti-doping regulations / World Athletics-AIU and the WADA code, we at the Beirut Marathon Association are committed to upholding the principles of clean sport and ensuring a fair and level playing field for all participants. As part of our dedication to promoting clean competition, we will be conducting rigorous random doping tests throughout the event and in all timed races.

We firmly believe that doping has no place in sports, and it undermines the spirit of fair competition and the integrity of the sport. To maintain the highest standards of clean sport, any participant who fails to comply with the doping test will face severe consequences. In line with our zero-tolerance policy towards doping, any athlete who refuses or fails to take the doping test will be subject to an automatic two-year ban from all future Beirut Marathon events & further the LAF might take further actions with the WAF.

Our mission is to inspire athletes and fans alike, and we strive to create an environment where talent, determination, and hard work are rewarded fairly. By joining hands in the fight against doping, we can preserve the authenticity and purity of sports and uphold the values that make athletic competitions a source of inspiration and pride.

Together, let us stand united in the pursuit of clean sport and work tirelessly to maintain the trust and respect of athletes, spectators, and the global sports community. Your cooperation in this endeavor is crucial, and we are grateful for your commitment to help us in the fight for clean sport at the Beirut Marathon Association.