BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon is delighted to provide this year different official pacers for each of its half and full marathon through our Pace Team Program. The program is an added benefit for all runners & free of charge to help them reach their time goals. Our pacers are experienced runners who know the course and Beirut City. They have the experience to help the runners finish the race at their goal pace, whether they are running their first race or trying to set a new personal best. Our pacers have volunteered to run, cheer and inspire our runners to get to their goal. The pace groups are assigned to different finish times to meet the goals of wide variety of runners. To determine your own goal time, use your past races, recent long training runs and current fitness.

The Marathon Pacers

  • Ali Assi

    Ali Assi

    Got involved in running just few years ago, and discovered his unleashed potential to deliver more to this sport.

    As a typical athlete who is modest, perseverant, systematic and a person who always reveal sportsmanship attitude towards other contestants, he always competed with confidence and a firm belief to invariably deliver the best in every race and to continuously proceed towards achieving remarkable results among his age category and to be crowned with first position numerous times.

    Worth mentioning is that within those few years he started to participate in running sports events, he built a track record of numerous participations primarily in half marathons and marathons many of which he got crowned as a champion in his age category among other contestants who were so tough to compete with.
    Year of birth: 1972
    Disciplines: Runner.
    - Long Distance Runner with Elite Running Club (since 2015)
    - Participated in all distance races that were under the LAF since 2016
    - 23 Podiums in different races and marathons.
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2016, 2017 and 2018 - Saida Marathon 2017 and 2019: (Ranked 3rd in age category)
    - LAF Half Marathon 2017 (Ranked 1st in age category)
    - 5 x Marathon (PB 3:28:55)
    - 17 x Half Marathon (PB 1:33:53)
    - 28 x 10 KM Race (PB 41:37)
    - 7 x 5 KM Race (PB 20:40)
    - BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2018 & 2019 Official Pacer.

    Training: Runs 6 times a week, Strength Training twice a week.

  • Ali Kedami

    Ali Kedami

    Ali is a 542 Coach, a professional athlete & Ultra-Marathoner.

    Year of Birth: 1962

    Disciplines: Runner, Athlete

    - 18 Marathons & Half Marathons
    - 13 Ultra Marathons
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2018 Official Marathon Pacer

    Hobbies: Art, Paint

  • Fadi Karam

    Fadi Karam

    Fadi is a Stone Factory Co-Owner as well as a member of LET’s RUN Running Club

    Year of Birth: 1973
    Disciplines: Runner
    - 14 x Marathon in Lebanon
    - 10 x Half Marathon
    - 5 x Triathlon
    - Marathon Best Time: 03:12:00
    - Half Marathon Best Time: 01:26:00
    - 02nd Place Saida Triathlon 2017 (02:37:00)
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon Official Pacer 2018

    Training: Runs on weekly basis.

  • Fahmi Shouman

    Fahmi Shouman

    A nature and sports enthusiast, he has always been active and involved in fitness. From obstacle races to his scouting skills, he understands the importance of combining agility, mobility and strength training.
    Always looking to push his body’s limits, he started training with the Beirut 542 in 2016 to run his first half-marathon. With this triumphant debut, Fahmi was bitten by the running bug and he has since become an avid runner, training and running countless half’s and full marathons.

    With a positive attitude and a contagious enthusiasm, Fahmi then became in 2019 the newest addition to the Beirut 542 training program, training his own team of new runners to cross the 42k finish line in November.

    Year of Birth: 1982
    Disciplines: Runner, Multisport, Fitness Trainer (for Kids, teenagers and adults), 542 Coach
    - 3 x Marathons (PB 3:43:28)
    - 2 x Olympic Triathlons
    - 7 x Half Marathons (PB 1:36:10)
    - 5 x 10 KM Race
    - 2 x 5 KM Race
    - 6 x Hannibal Obstacle Races
    - BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2018 Official Marathon Pacer
    - Pyramid Half Marathon 2019 Official Pacer

    Training: Runs 4 times a week, resistance training 4 times a week

  • Jihad Bourji

    Jihad Bourji

    Jihad is a 542 Coach, a passionate runner and amazing team player. Jihad runs & trains on daily basis.

    Year of Birth: 1973
    Disciplines: Runner & Coach
    - 2014 till 2018 BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon - Limassol Marathon
    - Prague Marathon
    - 3 x Dubai Marathon
    - Berlin Marathon
    - Paris Marathon
    - Istanbul Trail Run 136 KM
    - Marathon Personal Best 03:09:00

    Hobbies:: Running, Sports

  • Maroun Tabet

    Maroun Tabet

    From support engineering and desk job to running’
    His running background was null with 15 years of heavy weight, smoking, alcohol drinking daily. At the age of 32, he decided to make the move and change his lifestyle. He challenged himself, pushed to the limit and started to run.
    He started training in 2016, lost weight, quit smoking / drinking and even changed his lifestyle.
    He finished his first marathon in 4h 28 min but he didn't give up and kept training and motivating himself till he finished his 2nd marathon in 3h 58m five months later.
    Today, Maroun is a new person, full of challenges, happiness and peace of mind
    He always mentions that nothing can stop you and that "I don't run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days."

    Maroun’s next goal is to achieve a new P.B. in less than 3 hours. "Don't dream of winning, train for it!"

    Year of Birth: 1984
    Disciplines: Runner, Footballer
    - 5 x Marathons (PB: 3h 40m)
    - 9 x Half Marathons (PB: 1h 28m)
    - 10 Km (PB: 38m 6s)
    - 5 Km (PB: 18m 14s)
    - 3 Km (PB: 10m 30s)
    - 542 Assistant Coach (2018)

    Training: Runs 5 times a week, resistance training 4 times a week

  • Mazen Atallah

    Mazen Atallah

    Even when he is running his full time business, Mazen never holds back on his daily training routine. He initially became interested in body building in 1995, then later in 2011 realized that he was enthusiastically interested in running and swimming.
    With several years of marathons under his belt, Mazen has proven that even a body builder can develop what it takes to become a devoted runner.

    Nothing is impossible to accomplish once you have the right mindset. From strength training to nutrition, he understands the importance of linking his prior proficiencies into his daily training routine.

    His energetic, outgoing and positive attitude are what have allowed two of Beirut’s familiar sporting groups sponsor him:

    Year of Birth: 1975
    Credentials Certificates:
    - Personal Training
    - Sports Therapy
    - Nutrition, Strength Training & General Fitness

    - 9 x Marathons (PB: 4.17)
    - 10 x Half Marathons (PB: 1.54)
    - 3 x 10 km races
    - 3 x Long distance swimming races
    - 6 km open water swim (PB: 1.55)

    Training: Runs & swims on a daily basis

  • Samer Salam

    Samer Salam

    The only thing more challenging than training to compete as a distance runner might just be starting a new business. Both activities require fierce dedication, focus, discipline and sheer raw tenacity. Imagine doing both at the same time!

    And that was his challenge, starting by being a florist and wedding organizer for a period of 13 years, gave him an important experience by truly enjoying meeting people, and express his talents and artistry hard work with his creative final touch of my flowers.

    Beirut Marathon Association, his second family, gave him the opportunity to go into a new adventure by being an assistant coach in the 542 Training Program, meeting new beautiful spirits where some of them were introduced to running for the first time. He followed in his coaching with unconditional support, where every athlete is "Elite," pace and distance don't matter.

    Year Of Birth: 1992
    Disciplines: Marathoner, Ultramarathon Trail, 542 Assistant Coach
    - 4 x Marathons (PB 3:47:00)
    - 20 x Half Marathon (PB 1:40:05)
    - 1 x Spring Cedars Ultra Trail Race 52km
    - 3 x Winter Aaqoura Trail Race 21km
    - 20 x10km Race
    - 8 x 5km Race
    - 5 x Hannibal Obstacle Races
    - BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2019 Official Marathon Pacer
    Training: Runs 4 Times A Week + Sunday Long Run

  • Souhad Machaka

    Souhad Machaka

    Received a bachelor in biochemistry in 2011 and a masters in marketing and communication from ESA in 2017. Currently a Senior Product Specialist.

    As sports enthusiast, she has combined her personal sports experience in weight lifting and her fitness instructor certificate to have more knowledge in the fitness field. In 2017 she started training with the beirut marathon 542 program to run her first marathon. She has ever since become a committed runner to become two years later an assistant coach for the 2019, 542 training program, to help new runner to achieve their goal and finish their first marathon.

    Year of birth: 1987

    Disciplines: fitness instructor, runner

    • 2 marathons
    • Marathon personal best: 4h40min
    • 1 x 10km Race pb: 58min57sec

    • Run 3 times per week (1 interval, 1 long run, 1 easy run)
    • Calisthenics twice a week
    • Yoga 4 times a week

  • Ziad E. Boustany

    Ziad E. Boustany

    Ziad E. Boustany received a BE degree in Electrical Engineering from AUB in 1987. Owner and manager of S.& A.S. Co.Ltd.

    Year of Birth: 1964
    Disciplines: Runner, Triathlete.
    - 17 marathons in the past 14 years
    - Marathon Personal Best: 3h29m
    - Half Marathon Personal Best: 1h30m
    - 10 KM Personal Best: 40m30s
    - 5 KM Personal Best: 18m56s
    - Ironman 70.3 - Sweden: 6h11m
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2018 Official Marathon Pacer
    - Olympic Triathlon Personal Best: 2h42m

    Runs 5 times a week (one interval, one endurance, one long run, 2 easy runs), bikes once and swims once.

    Runs 1-2 marathons a year, 2-3 Half Marathons, 2-4 10 KM Races, 1-2 Sprint Triathlons, 3-4 Olympic Triathlons

The Half Marathon Pacers

  • Daniel Nasrallah

    Daniel Nasrallah

    His strong will and determination are defining factors in what makes him a sports and fitness junkie.

    He values personal effort and constant training, to achieve optimal performance across both running and cycling.

    After setting a goal to run a full marathon, he joined the 542 training program in 2018 and went on to achieve his goal that very year for the first time.

    He has countlessly pushed his own limits, on bike and on foot, completing multiple national races successfully.

    Year of birth: 2000

    Disciplines: Running, biking, boxing and lifting

    - World Record Holder for ‘Longest Static Spinning Class’ 26hrs & 20min (2019)
    - 1 x Marathon
    - 2 x Half-Marathons
    - 2x Tour Du Liban (Bike)
    - First Place in U18 in Summit Race
    - 3 x Puma Hannibal Race
    - 8 x 10 KM Race

    Training: Runs 5 times a week, strength training 4 times a week

  • Dori Hitti

    Dori Hitti

    Dori is a renowned Architect & Designer & also an avid runner.

    Year of Birth: 1970
    Disciplines: Passionate Runner, Architect, Designer
    - Member of Inter-Lebanon Running Club
    - 10 x Marathons
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2018 Official Half Marathon Pacer
    - Winner of Many Awards in Design
    - 2016 Luxury Interior Design Studio of Lebanon
    - AD50 Architectural Digest l 2018 Middle East’s Top Talents in Architecture & Design
    - International Property Awards
    2018-2019 Architecture Single Residence Award
    2018-2019 Interior Design Private Residence
    - International Cultural & Environmental Organization (England & Wales Certified)
    2018-2019 ICEO Award Impeccable performance & progressive achievement
    Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling, Running, Music, Architecture & Design

  • Ghandi Tarabay

    Ghandi Tarabay

    Ghandi always enjoyed running as a soothing hobby since high school. For him, the beauty of this sport is its simplicity, and yet it is the mother of all sports.
    He used to think of running as a solo act until he joined the 542 training program in 2018 which made him realize how beautiful and motivating it is to train with a team.
    Ghandi believes that each run is unique, as they say, there’s no such thing as a bad run.

    Date of Birth: 7-January-1988
    - Half-Marathon (1:42:29)
    - BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2018 Official Half-Marathon Pacer

    Disciplines: Running, hiking, snowboarding, and yoga.

  • Mustapha Iskandar

    Mustapha Iskandar

    “If believe you can do it. You will.”
    Mustafa AKA Steve has joined the 542 program in 2017 for the fun of it.
    Thinking that design was his only passion, running those months through practice and dedication, made him realize that running was a major aspect of his days.
    He believed he can do it, so he crossed his first finish line in 2017.
    That finish line was the start of many other targets to cross such as helping, supporting and motivating his running buddies in trainings, turning his love of giving and caring into being an assistant coach with Team Jihad Shoueib this year.

    Mustafa will be running the half marathon this year working on breaking his Personal best in 2 hours.
    With his wide smile I bet you will see Mustafa pacing this marathon to the beat of your cheers.

    Year of Birth: 1996
    Disciplines: Runner, Graphic Designer, Digital Content Creator and 542 Assistant Coach
    - 1 x Marathon
    - 2 x Half Marathons (PB 1:55:40)
    - 3 x 10 KM Race (PB 00:50:15)
    - 2 x 5 KM Race (PB 00:23:06)
    - 1 x Hannibal Obstacle Races
    - BLOM BANK BEIRUT MARATHON 2018 Official Half-Marathon Pacer

    Training: Runs 4 times a week

  • Rana Abbas

    Rana Abbas

    Rana is a busy bee, works as a Medical Rep during the day, a Certified Personal Trainer, holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Lab & has a License in Physical Education & Psychology.

    She is also a teacher & a paramedic. She volunteers at the Lebanese Red Cross, Search & Rescue Team.

    Year of Birth:1993
    Disciplines: Runner since 2013, Volleyball Player since 2006, Power Lifting since 2015
    - 4 x Marathons
    - Several Half Marathons
    - Several races around Lebanon
    - 6 x Trail Races
    - 1 Ultra Race – 50 KM
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon Official Pacer 2018

  • Wajih Kadi

    Wajih Kadi

    Year of Birth: 1987
    Disciplines: Runner
    - 542 Graduate
    - BLOM BANK Beirut Marathon 2016 Finisher
    - Rotterdam Marathon 2017 Finisher
    - Various Half Marathons
    - Various 10 KM Races
    - Marathon Personal Best 04:23:00
    - Half Marathon Personal Best 01:50:00
    - 10 KM Personal Best 00:52:00

    Training: Still runs with the 542 crew on weekly basis