Volunteering is beyond spending your time doing extra-curricular activities; it is beyond giving your time to something other than yourself. Volunteering is about becoming the change agent this country needs to be the Lebanon we all dream about.
Volunteering is about becoming the leader who will take a step forward and elevate the lives of the people around them. And what better way to change a nation than to take part in the biggest national sports event of the year!
Our volunteers play a key role in ensuring that more than 45,000 participants successfully experience what it means to be united and walk towards a common goal: crossing that finish line. Whether it is manning the gates to ensure order, helping children who have never been part of the event before, or cheering the marathoners as they cover the challenging and long distance, volunteers are the key behind the success of the Beirut Marathon.


Organizing a race has two phases: Pre-race and Race day.
Please note that you need to be over 16 to apply:


BMA Office (helping out with different tasks around the office ex: pre-race organizing, packaging...)

Marathon Village (helping in the logistics and coordination during the marathon village)
BIB packing (assisting the team in preparing the BIBs for the runners)
BIB Pick-up (making sure the runners receive their BIBs and shirts during BIB Pick-up hours)
Social Media (covering the pre-race events on our social platform)
Pre-race Activations (take part or be responsible for activations happening around the race)
Registration Stands (managing the registration stands in different locations)

Race Day:

Start line helping in the management of the start line at gates, stations, help desks…
Finish line helping in the management of the finish area from logistics to circulation
Gathering / post finish line coordinating with the stakeholders around the tent areas
Entertainment coordinating the acts around all entertainment areas
Coordination helping different project managers in coordinating with different parties
Social Media covering different social media points on race day
Course management helping the course project managers across different tasks on the course
Lead Cars copiloting: helping the main pilot navigate the roads
Medical Attention being part of the medical team on race day
Cyclists being part of the cyclists along the course
Traffic Management helping car navigation without interfering with the runners
Elite Athletes Management making sure the elites are ready and taken care off on race day
Media coordinating with and helping the media on race day
Videography assisting or being part of the videography team on race day
Photography assisting or being part of the photography team on race day
Have you volunteered before?
If yes: have you volunteered with the Beirut Marathon?